Common Purse

One of the unique aspects of our lifestyle is that we do not get paid directly for our work.

A person screen printing t-shirts

The money earned from our mission businesses goes into a common purse from which our communal needs are covered. This ranges from toiletries and food to mortgage payments and utilites.

There are a variety of jobs within the community from cook, building engineer, receptionist, caseworker, forklift driver, barista, graphic designer, mechanic and many more.

By combining our monetary resources into a common fund we are able to free individuals to give themselves wholly to the work of ministry and family life.

Money in the common purse covers our collective expenses- There is also money set aside for individuals to buy clothes, travel, or enjoy a night out.

Many of our members staff and volunteer full-time at Cornerstone Community Outreach, something that would be impossible without the common fund supporting their financial needs.

In this act of trust and faith, Jesus People is able to take the resources we have and together do so much more for God than we could ever do alone.

Enjoying some ice cream in our side yard