Public statement addressed to those who were harmed at Jesus People

What We Do

We seek to live together in a counterculture way that allows us to meet our needs while at the same time meeting the needs of others.

A person sanding in a wood shop

Mission Business

While seeking to support our outreaches we learned that business themselves can be an outreach mission, while also meeting our financial needs.

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People listening at a community teaching


Communal life is difficult to describe. While we live and work together we continually seek to disciple each other. Living in close proximity brings our weakness and brokenness to the surface so we can begin to grow and forgive together.

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A group of people preparing food for those in need


We strongly believe that service is a key component of our lives together. In the 80’s Jesus People responded to the needs of the homeless in our neighborhood. As the need grew, we partnered with the City of Chicago to create Cornerstone Community Outreach, to provide shelter for families and individuals experiencing homelessness.

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