We Live Together

We have learned we can do much more by sharing our space, time, and finances.

A person washing dishes in a shared kitchen

All of our members live in small apartments in a renovated 10 story building in the heart of Uptown, Chicago.

In addition to apartments, each floor has common spaces for gathering and cooking. These smaller hubs of activity on each floor mirror the larger communal kitchen, dining room, and recreation room on the first floor.

Each member shares in the care and cleaning of the first floor of our house one night a week and one weekend per month.

The community comes together weekly at Community Gathering for a time of worship, prayer and encouragement as well as discussion of community life topics.

In the midst of all of community life is the development of our relationship to God and one another. As we work out the particulars of our shared life together, God works out grace, mercy, and love in our intentions, attitudes, and words.

A person sharing at our weekly community gathering